Reducing the Amount Low Density Lipoprotein

Are you afraid of having too much cholesterol? Yes, you surely have to! Cholesterol is something that most people afraid and avoid of, because it is really identical with its disadvantages rather than the advantages. The disadvantage of having cholesterol is getting so real with the existence of Low Density Lipoprotein, or what people called the bad cholesterol. It is surely have the bad effects to the body and believed can cause some diseases to our body too! Keeping or body healthy by not eating too much food that contains cholesterol should be necessary.low density lipoproteinActually, not all of the cholesterol is bad. There is good cholesterol as well or what we called the HDL (high density cholesterol). This is the kind of cholesterol that will maintain the amount of good cholesterol by reducing the bad one, taking the Low Density Lipoprotein into the liver so that it will be broken down. Most of diseases caused by cholesterol are because the small amount of HDL in the body, and make the LDL turn out as plaque in the blood. Furthermore, the LDL will block the blood flow and create health problems like the cardiovascular disease. Continue reading